Raquel Asensi

Raquel Asensi (Bilbao 1989) is a cyborg ceramic artist. During 2020-2021 she has developed a dialogue with Bolintxu, using its natural resources such as ivy and local clay, to end up presenting a series of interventions in ceramics and photography. In her own words:

“Hedera Helix – is an intervention in which I have been carried away by a slow process, which has brought with it many more questions than answers, regarding the post-human conflict that Bolintxu offers us. All of them and my contradictions are collected in a series of messages of text, reflections that in a fictional way I send to the forest, to perhaps obtain an answer. Ironically, in the forest there is no signal so it is to be assumed that my sms never reached them. I have also collaborated with Guilla, producing a corporal extension which aims to dialogue with us in the environment. The traces -sculptures- of this process have been produced with mud collected from the forest, mixed with plant material as well as glazed speckled stoneware. They have been inspired by the ivy that coexists with the trees, but they are also resonant with the ways in which the cables are wound in the city.
Twisting, turning, (poisonous) resistances, as well as pleasant.”