recreational, revolutionary, repugnant (monstrous femenine). talk and workshop by itziar bilbao

Creative action beyond the magic circle of art.

On October 2nd and 3rd 2017 in BilbaoArte, artist Itziar Bilbao Urrutia together with performance artist Nick Kilby will bring us Recreational, Revolutionary, Repugnant. (Monstrous Feminine), a programme comprising a talk and a workshop.  Both events are free of charge and open to anyone, though we recommend attending the talk before joining the workshop.

Itziar’s work deliberately unfolds on the fringes of how we see the art world. It is reactivated when it ignores the conventions which keep the fabric of society rigid and unspoiled.

Ever since they met at an academic art conference in 2013, her collaborations with Nick Kilby — artist, performer, wounded alchemist — have arisen spontaneously out of their compatibility as artist and sadist, as artist and masochistic object.

For RECREATIONAL, REVOLUTIONARY, REPUGNANT, Itziar and her guest, British artist Nick Kilby, will each give a presentation on the non-prescriptive themes, formats and platforms which comprise their artistic practices, and their interest in exploring the performance potential of abjection, in dismantling gender roles and in removing the lines separating art and living experience.

Since these two artists regularly work together, the final part of this event will be a collaboration between them in the form of an action/interview titled PORTRAIT OF THE ARTIST AS SADIST. It will follow an academic conference format and look at the intersections and parallelisms in their work.