16:30-17:30 talk by Antonio Collados video of the conference

17:30-19:00 roundtable Jorge Núñez de la Visitación (Pantalla Fantasma), Oier Etxeberria (Audiolab elkartea), Asociación Mapa

19:30-21:00 film-presentation Jorge Núñez de la Visitación / Cine Mapa

  • Roundtable debate spaces-stages-programmes

Over recent years and simultaneous with the successive institutional models that have appeared one after the other on the Basque art scene, a number of different programmes have been created, promoted by platforms, groups or individuals who have developed stable programmes in the context, operating like meeting points for exchanges between professionals. These programmes contribute to depicting scenarios that are, on occasions, linked to institutions, and on others, are “hosted” discontinuously in different spaces or even located on “private” sites. This roundtable asks about the ways these proposals are organised and operated, their objectives or possible developments in the new scenario.