‘una línea de aire hecha con la mirada’ digital book

eremuak and the independent platform AIR present the digital book by the author Imanol Marrodán, entitled A line of air made with the look, which includes the exhibition project developed at the CDAN Art and Nature Centre, Beulas Foundation, Huesca. Besides the works exhibited, additional information has been included to complement and complete the structure or leitmotiv of the different creative aspects that have configured the work of this artist.

Under the generic title “A line of air made with the look”, the artist creates a metaphor, forming a symbol, a perception and look, as sight (eyes) is the first sense that is awakened in us and anticipates the impression we receive from the perceived environment.  Eyes are the windows on the world in which we also move and we recognise ourselves in the image that we perceive and attracts our intention.

Thus, the exhibition covers a range of works that articulate a number of different codes to create a more complex common language, proposing new readings, visions, paradoxically, that differ greatly from a common, personal and individual experience. In this way, the artist offers an Atlas of familiar and distant, unknown geographies, drawing a map that is in a constant process of change or mutation. This is the basic aim of the exhibition project “A line of air made with the look” at the CDAN. A personal proposal that urges people to return to their intuition and primeval senses, to their origins, to go back to nature again, as a genuine creative thought to organise a new political model of “social” coexistence between individual beings.