workshop with antoine beuger: “of being numerous”

This practice involves a number of interpreters and does not require a specific number of participants or specific instruments.

Our existence in the world: to be someone among many other “somebodies”. 
We are everywhere, going back and forth, passing, emerging and disappearing again,
unique somebodies, occurring in an infinite flow, in continuous numerousness: lives wavering between the solitary and the abundant; among and apart; interwoven and separated; inside and outside.

It’s curious how, in English, “numerous” ends with “us” …

“… OF BEING NUMEROUS” opens up a space in which to affirm this tension, this challenge, this enjoyment, this reality, this promise of being (singular and) abundant,
of being both solitary and abundant, connected and floating freely, in a world of pure coincidence: of grace.” 

Each participant should bring:
– 2 small stones
– a poem
– something with which to make a frictional sound that is spectrally complex, continuous and very soft (paper on paper, stone on stone, paper on wood, finger on skin, etc.)
– a bowl full of dried leaves
– an empty bowl
– something with which to produce tones (a musical instrument or anything else with which tones can be produced)

Antoine Beuger

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