workshop with manfred werder: “all the reality that is”

“But it is possible to imagine that – perhaps later? – the concert will be exclusively a workshop from which nothing, no dream and nothing imagined – in a word, no ‘soul’ – will overflow, and in which all the musical activity will be absorbed in a praxis without anything being left over.” Roland Barthes, Música práctica, 1970. (translation by C. Fernández Medrano)

This workshop in Bilbao aims to delineate a musical practice that is capable of affirming all the reality that is.
A group of people interpret music sufficiently transparent as to demonstrate the natural abundance of the sounding of the world. 

People who come to the workshop should bring an object that may or may not be related to sound. It is not necessary to have musical training.

Manfred Werder, September 2016

Free registration – maximum of 10 people: