zarata fest 2015 (X edition)

Thenth edition of Zarata Fest, festival of weird music and the like, will be in Bilbao 18 and 19 of december

Born full of noisy bands, it eventually takes noise as a channel and as a curating attitude. We raise a cacophonic teambuilding coexistence out of short spellbounding performances in a millimetric choir story. Where differences thoroughly shred noise in countless tales dropped in the same tray so that, at the end of the night, it seems we have lived a tiny life. Performances, voices, electronics, dance, talks and videos.

Ainara LegardonAintzane Aranguena & Javier CorcobadoBilly Bao;   Ferranga Fages, Jon Mantxi, Ibon RG & Hector Rey plays taku sugimoto; Lali Barriere; Alkarpenter’s new ensemble; Loida Gomez; delusion of the fury; Analphabet Orchestra; Agnes Pe y+

more information: zaratafest 2015 bilbao