Tintineos #1: Esto va de amor, mírame a los ojos chica

Esto va de amor, mírame a los ojos chica (This is about love; look me in the eye, girl)

Tintineos #1

For Maider Gonzalo Salceda

42 post cards

18×13 cm

100 copies

ISBN 978-84-09-49103-2

Retail price €13 (shipping included in Spain, write to brilloeditorial@gmail.com for other countries)

Colección Tintineos


“For those of you appearing in these photos,

I hope you think you look great, because honestly that’s all these images are meant to do. If not, I would lose interest and look at them with disillusion. I suppose this is something shared.


For Ane and Bare,

you’re two of my favourite people in the world, but there’s no sign of your wigs on my papers. Enough is enough. It’s cruel. Pose with duck lips if you want, I promise I’ll do it right. When back I’ll cover you with kisses.


Montevideo, 19 April 2023”


Maider provided us with 21 post cards that make up a succession of bodies and moments that are easily appropriated, called love, and named friends. Twenty-one post cards that make up a stack from which many can be selected, separated, and placed on the wall of our room, in a little frame, on the shelf, on an entryway table at home. Twenty-one post cards that are 42 images looking back at us and questioning us, examining our faces for the remains of a reflection that their very impression produces, with the colour of the moment and pupils prepared.


“This is about love; look me in the eye, girl” could be something said before intensity wanes, some way to say I love you, right now. It’s what we see, what sees us, and the space that remains between the two.


Maider Gonzalo Salceda (Erandio, 1994) studied Art at the UPV/EHU (Leioa). She is an artist.


Author: Maider Gonzalo Salceda // Logistics and technical support: María José Parra // Printing: byprint // Basque translation: Jon Ander Terroba // Editors: Miguel Alejos and Rocío Agudo

This project receives aid from Eremuak‘s ongoing open call