“Art and shepherding” good living conference

The Mutur Beltz Association presents the Third Good Living Artistic Residency in Karrantza 2019. This enables the continuation of work previously carried out, with the aim of expanding the space for reflection, debate and dissemination regarding the state of the world of sheep and shepherds in Karrantza from an artistic perspective, and offering spaces and opportunities for shepherds and shepherdesses to live alongside artists.

On Saturday May 4th the Second Good Living Conference will be held with the aim of sharing this experience with the people of Karrantza and the surrounding area. Participating artists will talk about their work. The organisation has also invited the shepherd Aritz Ganboa to talk to us about his Bideak Dokumentala project, which brings together his passion for sport and the natural environment. In October 2019 he will make cheese in Arruazu and run with it to Isaba, crossing the Pyrenees in one go, and will try to capture everything that happens in a documentary.