josé francisco vaquero mata

Donostia, 1970. Graduate in Fine Arts from the University of the Basque Country in 1995. Erasmus at the University of Fine Arts in Porto. Courses and scholarships at Arteleku, Bilbaoarte, Fundación Miró, Mojácar and Tavira. Participation in collective projects: exhibitions and in the Internet. Individual shows in different galleries. Work in video, music, photography and drawing. Self-published: Instantes en el paraíso, Huída (abstract music) and Abismo.

Instantes en el paraíso (Galería La atómica), Pintura de Mierda (Espacio Abisal), Sampler (Galería AG), Ejercicios de memoria (Galería La Brocha).

Transforming trap drums into a heavy metal keyboard. A straight line that moves from the screen to paper.  Parking spaces seen from the sky. Zooming in until becoming unfocused.  Herzog lies to us. Windows and doors. Broken glass. A line of cars. A journey in a loop. An escape from the baroque towards nothingness, or the other way around.  Black on black.