harriak: “gizon txikia ez denean-hylé-morphé” parallel activities

Two complementary activities will be proposed in parallel to the exhibition.

Firstly, at the opening there will be a presentation of the exhibition by the mediator Iñaki Garmendia together with the artists Itziar Bilbao UrrutiaOier Iruretagoiena and Miel Oyarzabal.

On the other hand, as a second proposal Edorta Langara “Pixi” proposes to revisit his installation “H.B.”. (2006) at present. Through a “spoken” session -with the help of images and some sound surprises- he will introduce us into the imaginary that led him to make this piece.

Opening and presentation of the exhibition: Friday, October 4 , at 7pm.

An invitation to view: Saturday, November 9, at 18pm.