cabeza picante

This project is based on relating living and inert bodies based on their aesthetic materiality and through movement, and searching for different formats that can host these practices.


According to certain points of view, language is what distinguishes human beings from irrational beings, understanding these as animals, insects or plants. These theories do not even place humans on a similar scale to inert materials such as cement, latex or objects such as flower vases or shoes. This anthropocentric vision has developed a relational code that limits access to other forms of communication and coexistence between things in the world. It is on these relationships yet to be discovered where I focus the project. It is in these possible scenarios where language is manifested from the unconscious realm, from the dreaming of matter and its state in space and time. This is where I find the absurd and where a great aesthetic potential lies, guiding the ways in which I work. I am interested in these relationships with matter where there is no consistent meaning.

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Date of resolution:
March 2021