arqueología del desecho

“Archaeology of Waste” is a project that aims to collect, analyse and value the work by a selection of creative artists whose work addresses clothing and adornment from what we identify as renewed perspectives and methodologies beyond the conventional parameters of the fashion industry.

We suggest that we take a break and highlight these proposals in the fleeting duration of the present, compressing in time and space the long, winding strip of action they move in.

Through these proposals we would like to develop the idea of archaeology, intrinsic to the action/production processes of these selected artists.

With its link to anthropology, clothing becomes a subject of analysis as production and waste, the result of the unstoppable requirement of creation.

As a collective, we appreciate the value of this work regarding its contemporaneity and fragility, aspiring to give it (and ourselves) a shared space for visibility and conversation. In this case the proposal is located in Bilbao, applying this archaeological development to the city’s emerging artistic context, putting it into context and in relation with international artists who carry out the creation and production of their work in parallel.

  • Mediation
Date of resolution:
May 2020