maría ibarretxe

Bilbao 1977

María Ibarretxe is a visual and performance artist that moves between audiovisual creation, sound installations, and choreography. She joined the Sra Polaroiska collective with Alaitz Arenzana in 2002, winning creative activity awards such as Gure Artea 2017, Ertibil 2012, Madrid’s Choreography Contest 2012, and INJUVE 2003. They were Azkuna Zentroa associated artists from 2019-2021. In parallel, she has worked together with Koen de Preter in Belgium, Renate Keerd in Estonia, and Miriam Sedacca in Japan. Since 2014, Ibarretxe has been developing a project-process that reflects on the stages of grief in Belgium, South Korea, England, Japan, and the Basque Country. Her last chapter was awarded within the exhibition “Soplo. Arnasketa saiakerak”, Bilboarte Foundation 2021.
From 2021-2020, Ibarretxe was part of the “Dantzan Bilaka” artistic commission promoted by the Basque Government and coordinated by ADDE.