ARENATZarte (Güeñes)


Helena Goñi, Abel Jaramillo, Juan Pablo Ordúnez / MawatreS and Ohiane Sánchez


Iker Fidalgo Alday

harriak: “después de la poesía” exposición

In the age of speed, everything runs the risk of disappearing. Where before there was life now there is emptiness, and sometimes not even memory. The latter is entangled between the remains, condemned to be a relic, and this is precisely when the everyday environment becomes an alienated place.

Art can interrupt the rationale of oblivion. It reactivates memories and clings onto the experience as a political rereading of something as individual as it is collective. Subjective stories project common feelings to create a place of encounters where we can reconsider our transformation. Art thus becomes a radicalisation of our life choice, and a rallying call that obliges us to form part of a story both familiar and foreign.

But after the interruption comes silence. What remains when we look away? How does the volatile settle? This exhibition hides a revelation about that very moment. There is no control over the expansion of the poetic. There is no tangible element that allows us to check whether a trace of that essence which made us believe in other forms of life remains in those spaces of stillness.

Opening: June 22nd, 19:00. Joint visit with the artists and curator

Opening times at ARENATZarte:
Thursday to Sunday from 11:00 to 14:00 EXCEPT Thursday 6th July (the exhibition will be closed or will open later).

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