There will be two inaugurations. 7 October at 19:00 and 29 October at 18:00.


Micaela Portilla Kultur Etxea, Alegría-Dulantzi (Araba)


Dogartzi Magunagoikoetxea; Beatriz Sánchez; Zuzenders (Ángel López de Luzuriaga y David Tavares)


Maite Martínez de Arenaza


Text by Marc Vives on the eremuak website

harriak: jantzizazu artefakta

The central theme of “Me lo voy a poner de sombrero” is the universe of festive celebrations.

The pandemic has meant a health exile in the flats or houses we inhabit, and confinement to the hubs of work, duty and limits. Within this context, the absence of festivity has revealed and restored the meaning of the collective structural need for festive celebrations, beyond its ritual, mythical idiosyncrasy.

“Me lo voy a poner de sombrero” doesn’t take itself too seriously and is proposed from a perspective of excess, pleasure and laughter. It is not suggested as a phenomenon to be watched, but rather a celebration to dance at.

As T.S. Elliot wrote in his Four Quartets, “(…) We had the experience but missed the meaning, / And approach to the meaning restores the experience / In a different form.”

additional activities

Folklore Fiction. Cabezudos, monsters and mythical beings.

Wednesday, 27 and Thursday, 28 October, from 17:00-19:30
For 12 people aged 15 and above.


The Folklore Fiction Workshop-laboratory seeks to create a fictional and experimental imaginary based on the form of festive expression that is the creation of costumes beyond everyday normality (Cabezudos and costumes). This workshop will be recorded live via drawings made by Zuzenders. The results of the workshop and the drawings will be included in the exhibition.

Concert: The Zuzenders

Friday, 29 October at 18:00

This concert is understood as another part of “Me lo voy a poner de sombrero” and leads to the second part of the exhibition, in which the materials from the Folklore Fiction workshop are added.

Micaela Portilla Culture House
Herriko Plaza, 2
01240 Dulantzi, Araba

monday to friday from 17:30 a 20:30

saturday from 11:30 to 13:00