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November 14, CLOSED
November 18, CLOSED Saturday morning. (In the afternoon it will be open during normal hours, from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.)
Wednesday, November 22, CLOSED.


Oxford Hall, Casa de Cultura Alondegia. Erribera Kalea 23, Zumaia.


Ander Amuriza Orue, Auritz Iñurrieta Orbezua, Katza.


Leire Lacunza Miranda


Frederic Riopel

Dos horas de amor y varios minutos de roce. (‘Two Hours of Love and Several Minutes of Touching’)

Diotima said that love was an evil demon messenger between mortals and immortals, the common thread of human transformations, a traveller with a ferocious appetite that gobbled up both the heavens and time.

One fine day, this same love swallowed up Auritz, Ander, and Katza. When they saw that the distance between the walls of its foetid stomach began to shrink, they hatched a plan to escape.

They spread thick oil paste with a brush and painted the nervous flickering of a face drowning in the depths of love.Then they captured the stridency of a cicada and sneaked it into a romantic song. Alarmed by these events, love began to tremble, but they held on tight to a branch and were able to outlast the quake.

Overcome by the emotion of so many achievements, they pushed out through the opening and uncovered the material, more palpable aspect of love. They saw that this ethereal and powerful character was nothing more than a blue horned beast with a moustache that draped across its face from ear to ear. Surprised, love asked them: How were you able to escape the effervescent juices of my entrails? They answered simply with a smile and this exhibition.


26 October
18:00: Inauguration.
19:30: Concert with Txitxirios de Lamana.